Mediation in the workplace as a tool for preventing and managing conflict

Tensions and disagreements are inherent to workplace relationships; they can even trigger opportunities for change. However a conflict, if not well managed, can evolve and impact negatively on the professional relationships, the productivity, the climate at work and transform in more serious issues such as burnouts or harassment behaviors..

In this context, mediation is a privileged opportunity to:

  • Prevent conflict to escalate

  • Understand the conflict dynamics in the teams

  • Discuss in a neutral, confidential and totally independent space
  • Find viable and satisfactory solutions to better work together

Mediation can benefit all staff members and teams at all levels of the organization.

 It can touch on work related conflicts or interpersonal conflicts.

    Trainings and workshops

    A culture of conflict management and cooperation favorizes the well-being in the workplace, the performance and the reputation of the company or institution.

    Training sessions in conflict management, mediation, and communication techniques are a way of:

    • Preventing conflict in the workplace
    • Offering to staff member conflict management and amicable resolution dispute tools
    • Enriching professional practices

    Example of trainings and sessions than can be offered:

    Short sensitization workshop to conflict management/amicable resolution of disputes

    Training on mediation and communication techniques

    Team building workshop or retreats to enhance collaboration; learning to know each other better,;fostering professional relationships and the pleasure of working together