In moments of transition and conflict within the family

In difficult family situations, when communication is blocked, when there are too many emotions involved, when there are important and difficult decisions to be taken and things to be negotiated.

Mediation offers each of the family member involved in the conflict to communicate, express its views, be heard, find solutions and take decisions.


  • Organizing life after divorce or separation in all aspects (relationship, financial, legal)
  • Deciding on the children related arrangements (residence, custody, school, social activities etc.)
  • Leaving the children out of the parental conflict
  • Organize residence, school and social life of children after separation
  • Calculating the family budget and deciding of the contribution of each one towards it
  • Confront disagreements and find possible alternative ways

Parent-adolescent :

  • Understanding what each one lives and needs
  • Negotiating acceptable rules related to: smart phones, school, social life.

  • Find a new way of communication

  • Bringing downs tensions

Other family situations

  • Challenges in adapting to a new family setting (step parents, step children)
  • Grand-parents relationship with grand-children
  • Restoring communication