Mediation is a time of dialogue, exchange and negotiation

Mediation is a way to discuss and resolve issues and to manage conflict with a neutral and impartial person, the mediator. His role is to accompany the discussions and help people to find by themselves appropriate solutions to their issues or conflict. 

It is a voluntary and confidential process and each one can decide at any time to put an end to the mediation process.

The mediation process:

In a first session we will identify together what needs to be discussed and we will clarify each one’s expectations. The setting and the rules are established.

During joint sessions, each person is invited to share his/hers points of views, feelings and what they would need to move forward.

Dialogue is guided in a constructive climate, turned towards the future and towards a better understanding of each other realities.

Sessions usually last between one hour to one and a half hours. The number of sessions will depend on the needs of each situation and this will be clarified in the first meeting.


Family mediation:

100.-/h for the individual session

150.-/h for the joint mediation session

Price can be discussed for mediations with teenagers and families with low income.

Professional settings:

Please contact me for any request and I will be happy to share a quotation based on our agreement